Time Browser Interface 1.0

barThe Initial Interface presents the record as a text document, where the top level headings separate each Event. Level 2 headings show the names of speakers.

Here you see the basic transcript, in warm tones, to indicate that it’s not an editable document. Names of speakers are in Helvetica, large, centred:



In this mockup the user has selected the word ‘book’ in the document and the provides several options.



Here the user has chosen the command to ‘show only utterances with ‘book’:




It is important to note that the user will be able to save this View, for later reference and to share with collaborators. It is furthermore important to note that the user can continually perform actions to further refine the view. Please note below a suggested placement of the Copy ViewSpec command:


In this mockup you can also see bottom right the source of the text you are reading, in this case from a ‘Human Transcription’. Users can click on this to choose ‘First Machine Transcription’ and more, where available.

Bottom left is a simple word count which can be clicked on to view other document statistics.