• Sam Hahn, worked with Doug Engelbart and runs the Program For The Future, is VP of Technology at eGain Communication, a top silicon valley software developer and vendor and CoChair of the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community.
• Frode Hegland, also worked with Doug Engelbart and is the CEO of the Liquid Information Company which produced richly interactive text tools for OS X and iOS, including Liquid and Author: and also produces the annual Future of Text symposium, of which there have been 4 in London and 1 in Silicon Valley, featuring a wealth of text-interested individuals:


• Vint Cerf, inventor of the Internet.
• Adam Cheyer, inventor of Siri on iPhones, founding member of and founder of Viv.
• Ed Leahy, a former Marketing Communications Professional and Professor of Visual Communications, Syracuse university
•  Daniel Berleant, Ph.D. ’91, is a Professor in the Department of Information Science, College of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Wider Community

• Stan Gould
• Timour Shchoukine
• Jack Park
• Karl Hebenstreit
• Robert Belford
• Mark Szpakowski