There are two components to the Time Browser project:




Application & Document Standards


The diagram below illustrates the relationship between the Software Application, in the box at the bottom, and the Document Standards on top.


Reading from top down, different media can be added to the Time Browser data ‘soup’ where it is annotated (processed for meta-tagging, speech to text and more), where the data is made available to the Time Browser Software Application(s) below, which all have their own search/query engines and view engines, all competing for user attention much like web browsers do.





It is important to note that the project aims to be foundational, such as http and html is for the web, a foundation for further developments by anyone who has an interest. It is not an art project nor a for-profit closed-IP app we are working on.


As such we will of course post commented code on GitHub as the project progresses.



Proposed Stages




Open Components Considered




Further Information


Further information will be posted here as we move along, including in:


Issues to be Resolved | Google Sheet