Library Pitch

1. Describe your project.

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2. How does your project advance or affect the library field?

Libraries are traditionally arranged by the dimensions of subject and author and we believe that rich and robust timeline management, particularly for events, will be a valuable resource for communities in the future.

Let’s co-imagine and co-realise a library which has access to books and also the time stream of richly useful history.

3. Who is the audience and what are their information needs?

The audience for a system of connected, properly time stamped data with rich interactions is massive. Anyone who simply wants to record their own meetings to be able to go through the complete record later would benefit from at Time Browser, as would researchers in the future who add further techniques to look at how processes unfolded. This is both for the immediate teams and for larger, more public groups.

4. Please list your team members and their qualifications.


•  Sam Hahn, worked with Doug Engelbart and runs the Program For The Future, is VP of Technology at eGain Communication, a top silicon valley software developer and vendor and CoChair of the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community.
•  Frode Hegland, also worked with Doug Engelbart and is the CEO of the Liquid Information Company which produced richly interactive text tools for OS X and iOS, including Liquid and Author: and also produces the annual Future of Text symposium, of which there have been 4 in London and 1 in Silicon Valley, featuring a wealth of text-interested individuals:


•  Vint Cerf, inventor of the Internet.
•  Adam Cheyer, inventor of Siri on iPhones, founding member of and founder of Viv.

Wider Community

•  Stan Gould
•  Jack Park
•  Karl Hebenstreit
•  Timour Shchoukine
•  Pavel Luksha
•  Robert Belford
•  Daniel Berleant
•  Mark Szpakowski
•  Alexander Laszlo
•  Ed Leahy
•  Dino Karabeg


Programming will be done by a professional company whom we have worked with. We have not decided which company will be best suited for this work.

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